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About Us

Black Cat Apiary, established in 2016, is nestled among a stand of old-growth forest in Western Loudoun County.  We are a small beekeeping and honey producing operation. Our bees forage on local wildflowers and flowering trees to produce wonderful tasting honey.  We minimally filter our extracted honey to preserve all of the great benefits that raw honey provides. 

In the future, we may also offer beeswax products such as candles.

Black Cat Apiary is owned and operated by William Dudley and Holly Eaton.

Bee on Flower

Our 2022 Outlook

As of early May, it is too early to tell how large our 2022 honey harvest will be.  We still have a few jars from 2021 that we'll try to make available at our regular selling locations, until then.

It's been a variable spring, weather-wise; however, a few hives are growing in weight, signaling that the bees are hard at work, bringing in nectar and making our delicious honey. Early spring forage has been good, and thing should really get going soon as Black Locust and other varieties begin blooming.  

2021 Harvest

Our 2021 harvest is in and wasn't bad, considering we lost our entire apiary to a bear "disruption" in November of 2020. 

For 2021, we do have a limited supply of delicious honey from foraged local spring wildflowers and trees available in 1-pound jars and a few 1/2-pound (8 oz) jars as well.  We have a few small jars with honeycomb from our 2020 harvest.  Typically available at the Long Stone Farm farm stand.

Where to find our delicious honey...

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Long Stone Farm

You may purchase our honey at the Long Stone Farm farm stand.  Please visit their website for location and hours.

You may also check their Facebook page for availability.

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Market Table Bistro

While you can't buy Black Cat Apiary honey at Market Table Bistro, you can certain sample some of their drinks and culinary delights that use our honey or other delicious local honey.